Data Recovery Data Recovery Services

When your PC will not boot or you have somehow lost that important document or folder full of priceless family photos there is still hope. Networx is here to help with specialized software. We are able to exhaustively scan for and recover specific files or file types. Our success rate for recovery is very high. However, when faced with the worst case scenario where clean room techniques are needed you benefit from our partnership with the best data recovery firms in the nation. With this partnership we also have the ability to recover damaged usb thumb drives, flash drives, commonly used in digital cameras and many other digital storage formats. Give us a call or come by for a visit if you have media you need analyzed.

  Outlook Email Recovery

  Password Recovery

  Word, Excel, Access Recovery

  Remote Backup
Secure Encrypted off-site data backup to our secure servers.

  Virus Removal
Advanced techniques in removing and maintaining infected computers.

 Employee Monitoring
Techniques and software will allow you to track and monitor employee activity.

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